Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mindless ramblings of a Mad man V.4

United states of apathy

 I have a theory In the darkest depths of the human mind we all have a beast lurking , that we all feel that pull of “who will know”  or “its not my problem”. We see the homeless , bad parents, abandon children the news and media feeds us these images of starving people in 3rd world nations and pulls at our heart strings when the same thing is going place here in the United states of internal apathy. We care when its “over there” we send millions in aid to “them” and sink our selves into debt to forgein powers. But what about “over Here” what about “us” so I thought today what if just for a second we did the selfish thing what if we gave in to our beast as a nation and took care of our own what if we looked at these 3rd world nations and said “ Its not our problem? Would we be the devils in this game or would it make us better as a nation. I don’t know.

I set listening to “people” arguing over foreign police one stating “ we need to send more aid to **** the other ranting that “we need to go to war with **** and get that oil” for 2 hours the went at it and I realized not once did they say anything about helping people here. Is this the beast we hold in our hearts that makes us blind to things in front of us or is it just Apathy. People complain about violence on TV  and movies they complain that Harry Potter is evil, there’s movements in the thousands against gay marriage and gay adoption, I wonder if we directed all the energy  thrown at these small things in to things like homelessness or job creation maybe even education , maybe we would still have the space program or have reached the moon or colonized the stars hell maybe even we wouldn’t be so far behind these 3rd world country’s  yes I mean behind , during my time in the army I watched people looking out for each other, like neighbors should which is a rare sight here at “home”.

Now this is not a rant against the good old USA or  for gay rights or anything like that, I am a simple man looking at the world and realizing somethings very wrong. Iam not christian  by far but I do believe there was once a Eden and we have fallen so far from it. I cant be the only one that feels this way.


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