Wednesday, September 22, 2010

About me...?

there's a thin line between genius and insanity,so much pain inside of me, i try my hardest not to stray, but path twist and turns an i lose my way, i scream into a mic and break the silence,music mixed with poetry like sex mixed with violence. so many people think they know the real me, there blinded to the fact i still have yet to find me, in a world so sick and sadistic, i was looking for love but seem to just miss it. all i have is a pen and a pad, i write out my nightmares and dreams no matter how sad. i bleed on a page full of tears and ink stains. but its the only way clear my brain. i take it all and put in my music so hopefully others can use it. so for those of you that asked YOU are the reason i do this the reason i put my self through this I am a ex 82nd airborne paratrooper,stripper,Dj,and much more, i have been a son a brother never a father,music is my life, my heart beats in in 4/4 my veins bleed a harmony what more can i say "about me" just when you think I am gone i jump right back with some sick shit on a new track,starting a mosh pit and given the mainstream a fat limp, i don't to hip hop , our rap, i don't do that emo crap i make music to wake the dead, i make music to split your head i infect your mental state like a plague, when the music stops so does your heart, then i vanish in the dark this is audio chaos and its my art, until we meet again just remember you have been blessed by the mark of sin

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