Tuesday, November 16, 2010

bleed between the lines

time after time I truly wonder if i have lost my mind
in a world full of fake smiles hiding condescending remarks
and where lieing to ones self has become a graceful art
i ponder if maybe these people hate themselves
for conforming and putting there dreams on a self
i exist in a country paved in broken premise's
and built on the  backs of the poor and ignorant
who ask not what there country can do for them
i was born in a state not of mind or of hope but of purpose
they needed me to serve to fight and to die
to help push home there goal there greatest lie
i don't know why from day one i was breed to do one task
and like those of around me i never thought to ask
i and now in side my head i ponder  the meaning of it all
and pour these thoughts on to a page the ink pouring out
like the blood across the sand that was shed my these hands
so i bleed between these lines and hide my shame with in a rhyme

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